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Clients rely on us for accounting expertise, but what satisfies them most is how they are treated personally. Much of our new business comes from referrals because clients appreciate our attentiveness to their needs. We're a large and respected firm and our entire corporate culture is about supporting each other in and out of the office, working as teams within our practice areas and promoting positive morale. So from the very beginning, our people are oriented towards making a difference in their own lives—and in yours.

Gursey | Schneider LLP attracts top personnel—and keeps them—as we encourage advanced credentials and education, offer training opportunities, mentor new employees at all levels and offer fun company social activities. We encourage teamwork and promote a family atmosphere to keep morale high and give diverse work assignments, thereby drawing some of the most talented recruits, including experienced professionals from well-known firms.

James M. Good

James Good, a partner in the litigation department, joined the firm's litigation support department in 1999 and specializes in the area of forensic accounting in family law and civil litigation matters.

James provides litigation accounting services to executives and owners of both public and closely held entities. His experience spans a broad range of industries including investment (private equity and hedge funds), medical, agricultural, manufacturing, printing and publishing, real estate, marketing, and entertainment.

James assists Counsel in all financial aspects of marital dissolution matters including the evaluation of income available for support, stock option and pension plan apportionment, analysis of the marital standard of living, business appraisals, and determining the character of assets through the preparation of complex tracing analyses. James currently oversees the ongoing enhancement and development of Gursey | Schneider LLP's proprietary Digitrace © tracing program.

James is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and holds the AICPA issued credential, Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF). He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Applied Science. Prior to joining Gursey | Schneider LLP, James worked as an associate at a Los Angeles accounting firm providing litigation support services for cases involving commercial disputes, financial regulatory misconduct and other civil matters.