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Our most valuable assets

Clients rely on us for accounting expertise, but what satisfies them most is how they are treated personally. Much of our new business comes from referrals because clients appreciate our attentiveness to their needs. We're a large and respected firm and our entire corporate culture is about supporting each other in and out of the office, working as teams within our practice areas and promoting positive morale. So from the very beginning, our people are oriented towards making a difference in their own lives—and in yours.

Gursey | Schneider LLP attracts top personnel—and keeps them—as we encourage advanced credentials and education, offer training opportunities, mentor new employees at all levels and offer fun company social activities. We encourage teamwork and promote a family atmosphere to keep morale high and give diverse work assignments, thereby drawing some of the most talented recruits, including experienced professionals from well-known firms.

Marie Ambrosino

Marie Ambrosino is the partner in charge of our business management department. She brings over 25 years experience as an entertainment industry business manager. Marie merged her practice into Gursey | Schneider LLP in 2005 and became a partner in 2007. She performs a wide range of accounting services and maintains relationships with bankers, agents, attorneys, managers and brokers in her position as a key player in her clients' advisory team.

Marie manages a high profile clientele in the entertainment industry including actors, writers, directors, producers, entertainment companies and other high net-worth individuals. The relationships she has garnered with her clients are enhanced by her hands-on attention to their needs. She believes that by nurturing and mentoring them, she can more effectively advise and guide her clients to reach their financial and personal goals. She is more than a business manager; she is a great confidant to her clients, with an objectivity that has earned her their deep trust and respect.

"My clients feel comfortable calling me anytime they need anything, because that's the way I feel comfortable working," says Marie, "I'm there for as little or as much time as they need me." Her clients rely on her for her dedication, knowledge, and support in their everyday life.

Along with her professional accomplishments, Marie is an honorary board member of the Perry MacFarlane Sanctuary at Heaven on Earth Society for Animals and is a strong supporter of other charitable and community organizations.