Anastasia Atamanchuk, CPA


Tax & Accounting


Meet Anastasia

Anastasia Atamanchuk is a Tax Partner and CPA who has worked for Gursey Schneider for the past ten years.  She works mainly with individuals, partnerships, trusts and s-corporations.

She came armed with an impressive education: A graduate degree in Business and Accounting from California State University, Northridge as well as an Accounting Degree from UCLA’s Extension program.

She is a valuable employee who works tirelessly to promote the excellence of Gursey Schneider’s brand while also maintaining a healthy work life balance.

When she is not behind her desk she is daydreaming about her next great vacation adventure, though it is possible that she may, in fact, also be thinking about one of her favorite places, the asteroid B612 where The Little Prince calls home.  Because sometimes, even grown-up accountants like to revisit their favorite stories.